Plan of Conservation and Development

The Connecticut General Statutes require Council of Governments to update their Plans of Conservation and Development (POCD) at least once every 10 years. POCDs are guidance documents that set policy priorities for the future of the region and its communities – physically, economically, environmentally and socially. POCDs contain goals and visions along with recommended actions to help work towards achieving those goals. The planning process involves engaging the regional community in a dialogue on its future.

SCRCOG is in the process of updating the regional POCD. The South Central Regional Plan of Conservation and Development was last updated in June 2008, and amended in July 2009 to incorporate updated Sewer Service Area Mapping for the fifteen municipalities in the region. The 2008 Regional POCD established a primary goal of reinforcing land use policies that focus development in the region’s existing developed corridors and areas that have transportation, employment and utility infrastructure, while conserving lands that are integral to maintaining the region’s agricultural heritage, drinking water supply, and unique natural resources, including access to Long Island Sound.

The 2008 Regional POCD was amended in 2009For quicker downloads, there is a version of the POCD without maps.

Regional POCD Update Presentation to Regional Planning Commission (May 2017)

Regional POCD Update Presentation to Regional Planning Commission (October 2017)

Opportunities for Participation

There will be opportunities to participate in the SCRCOG POCD Update Planning Process through several Focus Group meetings. The meetings are organized by the following topics:

(1) Demographics, Housing, Schools and Institutions ; [Meeting Notes]
(2) Economic Development, Transit-Oriented Development, Smart Growth, Transportation, and Arts, Culture Historical Resources ; [Meeting Notes]
(3) Agriculture, Natural Resources, Open Space, Recreation, and Hazard Mitigation ; [Meeting Notes]
(4) Public Safety, Emergency Management, Public Utilities and Energy Conservation ; [Meeting Notes]
(5) Municipal Planners ; [Meeting Notes]

Each Focus Group meeting  is intended to provide an opportunity to discuss regional trends, regional objectives and strategies for improvement.

A Public Workshop will be scheduled to seek feedback and ideas on the vision for the region and strategies for moving the region towards its vision. This page will be updated once the Public Workshop is scheduled.

Public/Municipal Survey

An an online survey was issued to assist the region with preparing the update to the Regional POCD. The survey gathered information from those who live, work, or own a business or property in the South Central Region on current and future quality of life issues, housing and business development, conservation, and transportation throughout the region. The survey closed on August 7, 2017.

A draft summary of the Public/Municipal Survey results was prepared in August 2017.

For more information about the Regional POCD, please contact Eugene Livshits.