CT State Rail Plan Public Comment & Kickoff Meetings

The 2021-2025 Connecticut State Rail Plan update has been initiated and is being developed in compliance with the federal Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008, Public Law 110-432. This plan will be submitted to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation for review upon completion.

The Plan contains Connecticut’s mission, vision, and values for rail transportation’s role in an intermodal network. It provides an overview and inventory of the passenger and freight rail system and facilities in Connecticut, the services provided, and asset conditions and constraints. It aims to support Connecticut’s role in developing a growing, interconnected rail system with adjoining states and to advance high-speed, intercity and freight investments in the region.

The Plan will update strategies and programs focused on ensuring that the existing passenger and freight rail infrastructure is maintained in a state of good repair, and include short and long term investments aimed at maximizing the potential of current and future rail services. The Plan outlines programmed and proposed projects including costs and associated public benefits.

Kickoff meetings are scheduled for:

Tuesday, August 31 at 6pm
Thursday, September 2 at 1pm
Thursday, September 9 at 6pm

Click here for more information and to review the draft plan.