About_Us_1The South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) provides a platform for intermunicipal coordination, cooperation, and decision making. SCRCOG is made up of fifteen municipalities: Bethany, Branford, East Haven, Guilford, Hamden, Madison, Meriden, Milford, New Haven, North Branford, North Haven, Orange, Wallingford, West Haven, and Woodbridge. Over the years, SCRCOG has addressed numerous issues, such as those related to housing, transportation, land use planning, and economic development (via REX Development). The SCRCOG region covers approximately 570,000 people, or 1/6th of the state’s population.


In 1947, the General Assembly enacted legislation allowing two or more contiguous towns with planning commissions to form a regional planning authority. In 1948, a few municipalities in our region were the first to take advantage of the opportunity and formed the Regional Planning Authority of the South Central Region. By 1960, the authority was serving all fifteen towns in the region. In 1985, the South Central Regional Council of Governments was established per state statutes with the approval of each legislative body from the fifteen municipalities.

SCRCOG is one of nine Councils of Governments (COGs) in Connecticut. For federally-mandated transportation planning purposes, several of the COGs, including SCRCOG, have been designated as Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs).

Mission Statement

The South Central Regional Council of Governments is dedicated to regional cooperation enabling cities and towns to work together to accomplish projects they cannot do as efficiently or cost effectively by themselves; creating a sense of pride in the region by aspiring to the highest quality of life and economic well being that can be achieved and greater accountability through voluntary cooperation in the region with productive results that benefit the entire region.