Regional Planning Commission

The South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) coordinates the Regional Planning Commission (RPC), which has representation from each of the municipalities in the Region. Responsibilities of the RPC include review of Statutory Referrals for which advisory comments are prepared and forwarded to applicable municipalities. Statutory Referrals may include amendments to Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Applications, and Municipal Plans of Conservation and Development. Additional items which are reviewed during the RPC meetings are Open Space Grant Applications and Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Applications. For a complete list of regulations and plans that the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) requires the RPC to review please see the Statute Matrix. The Commission meets on the second Thursday of each month and reviews the referrals based on inter-municipal and environmental impacts.

RPC Referral Submission Form

Referrals can be sent to Eugene Livshits via certified mail or Referrals can be submitted to Eugene Livshits via e-mail.

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