Housing Working Group Meetings

Remainder of 2024 Housing Working Group Meeting Schedule


Recordings of 2020 – 2023 Housing Working Group Meetings

The Affordable Housing Working Group consists of municipal planners, chief elected officials, and community leaders. The 2020-2023 Working Group meetings were designed to provide in-depth information on particular housing topics in an effort to enhance a municipality’s ability to plan for the type of housing its citizens need. You can view all recordings from April 2020 to the present 2023 meetings below. Stay tuned for more Housing Working Group meetings and tours as we approach fall 2023 and winter 2023 into 2024.

Housing Working Group Meeting Recordings
2023-2024 Meetings

These meetings will be posted promptly after they occur. Check the flyer above for the current schedule of events.

September 2023: Kick-off! Where We Stand & Where We’re Going.

October 2023: Mixed-Income Housing Tour 

November 2023: Reviewing Our Housing Tour with Mixed-Income Housing Experts.

February 2024: Working With Builders & Developers

Additional Resources

In addition to recordings from past working group meetings, SCRCOG compiles articles relevant to each session to include in the meeting agendas. Links to these articles are provided below, and are categorized by topic. 


  • A majority of the articles below may require paid subscriptions to view.
  • If upon opening a link you receive a message that says the connection is not private, there should be no real safety concerns. Hit “Advanced” (if applicable) and “proceed to ____” or, delete ‘https://’ from the beginning of the web-link.
  • Some articles appear more than once across topics.


Housing Working Group Articles
Policy & Legal Issues
          Housing (Re)Development: Costs & Other Considerations
            Land Use, Zoning, Equity

            Desegregate Connecticut Zoning Atlas Resources:

            Innovative Ideas, Tools, Strategies & Methods


              Debunking Housing Myths, Misconceptions and Misunderstandings
                Around the Towns


                Significant Housing Projects in Development across Connecticut