Housing Working Group Meetings

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2022 – 2023 Housing Working Group Meeting Schedule 
Recordings of 2020 – 2021 Housing Working Group Meetings 

The Affordable Housing Working Group consists of municipal planners, chief elected officials, and community leaders. The 2020-2021 Working Group meetings were designed to provide in-depth information on particular housing topics in an effort to enhance a municipality’s ability to plan for the type of housing its citizens need.

April 2020 Proactive Housing Strategies – Methods Used by Successful Towns
June 2020 The Elephant in the Room: Class, Race & Equity
September 2020 Continuing The Equity Conversation: Zoning Is Vital
October 2020 Creating & Nurturing Housing Groups
November 2020 Combatting Myths & Misconceptions: The Facts about Crime, School Costs, and Property Values
December 2020 Cutting Costs: From Energy Efficiencies to Rehabbing and Retrofitting
January 2021 Creating Your Town’s Affordable Housing Plan: Guidance from the Department of Housing for Municipalities
February 2021 Working With Developers: Ensuring Successful Housing Development through Mutual Understanding
March 2021 Vital Data: The Numbers Your Towns Need to Make Smart Housing Decisions
April 2021 The Strategies & Tactics of Zoning: Tools and Methods that Successfully Produced Real Projects Across CT
May 2021 The Strategies and Resources for Transit-Oriented Development: Reviewing New State Financing and Town Methods
June 2021 SCRCOG Regional Housing Plan: Rollout, Timeline, Available Assistance & Town Duties