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Municipal Grants

SCRCOG is proud to offer technical grant assistance and training as a regional service to our member municipalities through our partnership with consultants Juliet Burdelski and Renata Bertotti. Our partnership was created to offer assistance to each of our member municipalities as they navigate, locate, apply and ultimately execute currently available federal and state grant funding opportunities. This webpage is designed to showcase a sampling of services available at no cost for our SCRCOG member municipalities. Please explore what we are offering and contact us by using the technical assistance link provided below for further assistance.

Best Practices Checklist (BPC)

The grants administration best practices checklist (related to the establishment of general policies and procedures for management of grant related activities by a municipal entity) was prepared by SCRCOG consultants as a component of the two hybrid Municipal Grant Training Initiative sessions held in May and June of 2022. The BPC covers, in step-by-step fashion, project prioritization, grant application and management all the way through to the closing of the grant.

Access the Best Practices Checklist here

Municipal Grant Training Initiative Training Sessions 2022-2023

SCRCOG co-hosted grant training sessions throughout 2022 and will continue this effort in 2023. Past meetings featured guest speakers, best practices, and guidance for attendees. We offer recordings of these past sessions to download or view by clicking the links below.

Technical Assistance

SCRCOG consultants are available to help build local capacity for grant writing and administration through one-on- one technical assistance.  Technical assistance is offered at all levels of need from training for new staff to helping senior staff members make decisions about complex grants and funding opportunities.  Contact SCRCOG to request technical assistance.

Expertise is available in these areas and more:

  • Climate Change and Resilience
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Brownfields
  • Open Space Preservation
  • Transportation
  • Capital Projects
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Historic Preservation
  • Grant writing best practices
  • Grant application peer review
  • Federal Grants
  • State Grants
  • Foundation grants
  • Staffing Plans
  • Financial Reporting
  • Grant monitoring
  • Grant budgeting

Email Addresses:

Juliet Burdelski: [email protected]
Renata Bertotti: [email protected]
Ben Lovejoy[email protected]

Grant Opportunities Worksheet

Grant opportunities are abundant but determining which is appropriate for your project is often incredibly challenging. Our consultants have created the linked worksheet that includes a listing of current State and Federal grants they believe are most appropriate for the SCRCOG municipalities. The linked document provides a brief grant description, provides application deadlines, and offers a category of applicability (i.e., affordable housing, open space etc.).

Click here to explore these opportunities and download the worksheet.

Sample Documents: SCRCOG consultants have put together several sample documents that can be used as a framework for generating the necessary paperwork for supporting and processing grants. Use these to help with the administrative processing so that the grant can be executed effectively.

Select a link below to download the sample document.