Affordable Housing Plans

In 2022, SCRCOG developed individual municipal Affordable Housing Plans (AHPs) and a Regional Housing Plan (RHP), with assistance from  RKG Associates, Inc., that provided analysis and guidance on how and where each participating municipality can address its housing needs. The AHPs are compliant with Connecticut General Statute 8-30j, and adhere to the process outlined in the “Planning for Affordability in Connecticut: Affordable Housing Plan and Process Guidebook” developed by CT Department of Housing and the Regional Plan Association.

Regional Housing Plan

The Regional Housing Plan is currently under staff review. Updates and drafts will be posted here.

A presentation of the Regional Housing Plan was made to the SCRCOG Board by RKG Associate at the July 2022 SCRCOG Board meeting. Please click here to access the recording of that presentation. Please click here to access the presentation slides.

Guidance on Submitting Adopted Municipal Affordable Housing Plans to OPM

In accordance with CGS Section 8-30j, each municipality is required to adopt an Affordable Housing Plan by no later than June 1, 2022, and at least once every five years thereafter.

Plans must be submitted to the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) via email. Click here to access OPM’s guidance on submitting adopted plans and guidance as to how a municipality should proceed if their plan cannot be adopted by June 1, 2022.