Community Engagement

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Through education and engagement, SCRCOG will hire a consultant to form a growing number of community members who understand healthy housing development and policies that reflect their municipality’s needs and interests. Community members should feel their concerns have been heard so that, in coming years, there can be wide agreement among residents on their municipality’s housing needs and possible areas for future housing creation.

For each participating municipality, the selected consultant is expected to facilitate honest and productive community discussions, answer questions, address misinformation, and hear the concerns of community members. Specifically, municipal leaders have expressed a need for assistance with:

• Implementing the strategies and goals outlined in the municipal AHPs

• Educational forums for community members on general affordable housing concepts

• Educational forums for community members on discussing the purpose and contents of the AHPs

• Engaging community members in discussions about their thoughts on affordable housing (i.e. their goals, concerns, and perspectives about the housing needs of their municipality)