Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP)

Section 74 of Public Act 13-239 authorized the Commissioner of Transportation to establish a Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP). CTDOT established the program to provide municipalities with a funding source and to supplant federal funds offering opportunities for improved project delivery. This funding allows municipalities to perform needed capital infrastructure improvements with less burdensome requirements.

LOTCIP provides State funds to municipal governments through SCRCOG for transportation projects of regional significance, including reconstruction, pavement rehabilitation, sidewalk, bridge, intersection improvement and multi-use trail projects. With LOTCIP, all project design responsibilities are shifted to the municipalities.  The municipality pays 100% of the design costs while CTDOT pays 100% of the construction costs.

For complete LOTCIP program information and necessary forms please visit the CTDOT LOTCIP Webpage.

In addition:
A quick guide to the South Central Region’s LOTCIP program is available here.
SCRCOG LOTCIP Pre-Application is available here.
The latest CTDOT LOTCIP Guidelines are available here.
The complete LOTCIP Application is available here.

If you have any questions about the projects or LOTCIP, please contact James Rode, Principal Transportation Planner.

On-Call Consultant Services

Municipalities may elect to use a consultant to complete all or part of the LOTCIP application and project design. SCRCOG’s Regional Purchasing Consortium offers “On-Call” services to its member municipalities. Firms selected for On-Call Lists are competitively selected based on their qualifications.

More information and a list of On-Call firms is available here.