GIS Program

The South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) Regional GIS Program was made possible by funding awarded in Fiscal Year 2013 through the Regional Performance Incentive Grant Program, administered by the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management.

The Regional GIS Program is an interactive web-based viewer that provides access to a seamless regional parcel dataset, and information compiled from multiple Federal, State and Local sources. Users, regardless of technical expertise, will be able to access the Program for online mapping, and to view spatial information in a regional context.  The mapping platform provides for several base map options, including Aerial Imagery from 2019, 2016 and 2013.  The Program has evolved to include an oblique imagery viewer, as well as direct links to municipal GIS websites.



The interactive viewer includes Tools for Drawing, Measuring, and Exporting:

The following Spatial Information, including those provided through mapping services can be accessed through the interactive viewer.

Streets, Park and Ride Lots.

Trail Heads, Trails. Additional functionality provides options to search for a particular trail though a Simple Search Function or an Advanced Search Option.

Agricultural (Farms, Farmers Markets, Wineries), Airport, Beach, Cultural/Historical Assets, Community Center, Country Club, Fire Stations, Hospital, Library, Parks, Police Stations, Post Office, State Park, State Police, Town/City Hall, and Universities.

Contours, Regional Hillshade, Regional Steep Slopes.

Aquifer Protection Area, Natural Diversity Database, Critical Habitat, Soil Class, Farmland Soils, Hydric Soils, Wetland Soils, Soil Flood Class, Bedrock Geology, Erosion Susceptibility, Surficial Materials.

Surface Water Quality, Surface Water, Ground Water Quality, Ground Water Quality Well, CT Basin Service, Urbanized Area, Impervious Cover by Basin, Impervious Cover by Town, Impaired Rivers (2016), Impaired Lakes (2016), Impaired Estuary (2016)

Firm Panels, Letter of Map Revision, Letter of Map Amendment, Flood Hazard Area, Base Flood Elevation, Cross Sections, Coastal Barrier Resources, Limit of Moderate Wave Action.



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