Purchasing Consortium

The SCRCOG Regional Purchasing Consortium is a voluntary purchasing cooperative serving our region’s fifteen municipalities. The Purchasing Consortium functions as a supplemental procurement office and sponsors competitive bids and request for qualifications/proposals covering a wide range of products and services requested by member municipalities. Members benefit from greater municipal efficiencies and cost savings by combining their purchasing power at a regional level.

The Purchasing Consortium will put out a number of bids for commodities and services, SCRCOG staff and consultant(s) will develop the specifications, solicit members for requirements, produce and advertise the competitive bid or RFQ/RFP, and select the most qualified vendor(s). However, each municipality will make their own award based on their particular needs.


If your company/firm would like to receive notifications of future solicitations, please complete the Vendor Registration Form.


For more information about the SCRCOG Purchasing Consortium or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].