Affordable Housing

2021 Municipal Housing Factsheets


South Central Region: Affordable Housing Plan

Project Overview

The South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) developed individual municipal Affordable Housing Plans (the Plans), with assistance from  RKG Associates, Inc., that provided analysis and guidance on how and where each participating municipality can address its housing needs. The Plans are compliant with Connecticut General Statute 8-30j, and adhere to the process outlined in the “Planning for Affordability in Connecticut: Affordable Housing Plan and Process Guidebook” developed by CT Department of Housing and the Regional Plan Association.

Regional Community Survey

The South Central Region, Connecticut: Housing Plan Survey closed on October 31, 2021. The survey results helped RKG Associates identify the perceptions and realities of housing affordability, appropriateness, and challenges within each SCRCOG community. Responses are confidential and allowed SCRCOG to create housing plans that are sensitive to the needs and concerns of all residents.

SCRCOG Regional Community Survey Results and Analysis

Data Analysis Meeting Presentation Slides – January 2022
Guidance on Submitting Adopted Municipal Affordable Housing Plans to OPM

In accordance with CGS Section 8-30j, each municipality is required to adopt an Affordable Housing Plan by no later than June 1, 2022, and at least once every five years thereafter.

Plans must be submitted to the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) via email. Click here to access OPM’s guidance on submitting adopted plans and guidance as to how a municipality should proceed if their plan cannot be adopted by June 1, 2022.

Adopted Municipal Affordable Housing Plans

New Haven

North Haven


Recordings of 2020 – 2021 Affordable Housing Working Group Meetings 

The Affordable Housing Working Group consists of municipal planners, chief elected officials, and community leaders. The 2020-2021 Working Group meetings were designed to provide in-depth information on particular housing topics in an effort to enhance a municipality’s ability to plan for the type of housing its citizens need.

April 2020 Proactive Housing Strategies – Methods Used by Successful Towns
June 2020 The Elephant in the Room: Class, Race & Equity
September 2020 Continuing The Equity Conversation: Zoning Is Vital
October 2020 Creating & Nurturing Housing Groups
November 2020 Combatting Myths & Misconceptions: The Facts about Crime, School Costs, and Property Values
December 2020 Cutting Costs: From Energy Efficiencies to Rehabbing and Retrofitting
January 2021 Creating Your Town’s Affordable Housing Plan: Guidance from the Department of Housing for Municipalities
February 2021 Working With Developers: Ensuring Successful Housing Development through Mutual Understanding
March 2021 Vital Data: The Numbers Your Towns Need to Make Smart Housing Decisions
April 2021 The Strategies & Tactics of Zoning: Tools and Methods that Successfully Produced Real Projects Across CT
May 2021 The Strategies and Resources for Transit-Oriented Development: Reviewing New State Financing and Town Methods
June 2021 SCRCOG Regional Housing Plan: Rollout, Timeline, Available Assistance & Town Duties