Encompass Rides Set to Launch April 1

Feb 6, 2024

Greater New Haven Transit District is teaming up with M7 to offer Encompass Rides starting on April 1, 2024. This service provides on-demand transportation services to all seniors and disabled residents living within the Greater New Haven Transit District jurisdiction. Best of all, customers will be able to schedule rides without having to book an appointment.

Encompass Rides cost passengers only $5 for the first 8 miles traveled. After that, each additional mile traveled is $2.90. Trips are automatically deducted from your account so there is no need to exchange money during your trip. This program is partially funded by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration. Once launched, Encompass Rides will replace the already existing Regional Rides Program.

Encompass already serves residents in the Greater Hartford Transit District. To learn more about this program, please contact Greater New Haven Transit District at 203-288-6643.